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Read And Share Devotional (Gwen Ellis) 9781400317172


Product Description:

With 52 Bible stories and fun activities, this book provides easy access to age-appropriate topics, prayers, Bible stories, and activities that encourage sharing God’s love with others. Stories emphasize such topics as helpfulness, forgiveness, love, and fear.

It’s perfect for young families who are looking for tools to help them teach their children about God’s love and who want to make the most of the times they spend together.

Each devotional contains a variety of topic introductions (ranging from songs and poems to recipes and stories), a Bible verse (short enough for a child to memorize), a Bible story, Let’s Talk About It questions, a Share God’s Love activity, a prayer, plus engaging four-color art.

(Formerly titled Our Together-Time Bible.)

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Product Introduction
Illustrated by:Steve Smallman & Jeffrey Ebbeler
Publisher:Tommy Nelson
Others:  Hardcover

Size:21 cm x 17.5 cm
Weight:590 g

About Author
Gwen Ellis
She has been writing and editing all kinds of books for many years. Her Read and Share Bible and its ancillary products have sold more than 1.3 million units. Gwen is fierce in her endeavor to communicate the Word of God to kids, and she is the proud mother of two adult children and two wonderful grandchildren.


God Made Them All  (Creation)
Patient Noah  (Patience)
Being Cheerful and Kind  (Kindness)
The Angry Brother  (Anger)
A Happy Heart  (Finding Joy)
God Can Do Anything  (Miracle)
God Takes Care of Us  (God Take Care of Us)
God’s Book  (God’s Word)
Try Something New  (Try New Things)
Blind Trust  (Trust)
The Best Help Possible  (God’s Help)
You’re a Winner!  (Overcoming Problems)
God Answers Prayer  (Prayer)
Shhhhhh!  (Listening)
Hooray for the Little Guy!  (Courage)
Friends Forever  (Friends)
Be Kind  (Kindness)
Let’s Share  (Sharing)
Fire from Heaven  (Prayer)
An Honest Person  (Telling the Truth)
Faithful  (Faithfulness)
God Provides  (God’s Provision)
Achoo!  (Your Amazing Body)
The Borrowed Ax  (Borrowing)
I Choose You  (Chosen)
The Right Time  (Choices)
God’s Angels Watch Over You  (Angels)
I Will Obey  (Obedience)
God’s Family  (Family)
Jesus’s Birthday!  (Jesus’ Birth)
God’s Best Promise Comes True  (God’s Promises)
One of God’s Top Ten  (Honoring Parents)
Say No to Temptation  (Temptation)
When You’re Sick  (Sickness)
Being A Helper  (Helpfulness)
Don’t Be Afraid  (Fear)
Jesus Loves Me!  (Jesus’ Love)
God’s Surprises  (God’s Surprises)
Jesus Heals (Healing)
Be a Happy Giver (Giving)
Mighty Jesus!  (Fear)
The Good Shepherd  (Caring)
Forgiven  (Forgiveness)
When Jesus Cried  (Sorrow)
A Thankful Heart  (Gratitude)
Let Me Serve You  (Serving Others)
Happy Easter!  (Easter)
Good News!  (Good News)
A Life That Shines  (Witnessing)
When It’s Not Funny to Laugh  (Laughter)
A Hidden Storm  (Hope)
A Home in Heaven  (Heaven)



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