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Drawing Near: A Life of Intimacy with God (John Bevere) 9789670341217


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In Drawing Near, John Bevere invites listeners to explore a life of intimacy with God. Emphasizing the need for obedience, he urges us to practice – just as we would practice anything we hope to improve – our communication with the Holy Spirit. Understanding that prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue, Bevere encourages us to listen at the Father’s feet. Study questions in each chapter offer opportunity for reflection, and a “how to draw near to God” section offers practical steps toward developing true intimacy with him.

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Product Introduction
Author:John Bevere
Publisher:PVM Harvest Resources
Size:21.3 cm x 13.8 cm
Weight:330 g

John Bevere
He is an international speaker and bestselling author known for his bold and uncompromising approach to God’s Word. John and his wife Lisa are the founders of Messenger International — a ministry committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform our world. When he’s home in Colorado, you can find John playing competitive card games with his four sons or trying to convince Lisa to take up golf.

Chapter 1: The Greatest Invitation of All Time
Chapter 2: God’s Pursuit
Chapter 3: Protect Your Hunger
Chapter 4: Passion for His Presence
Chapter 5: Behind the Veil
Chapter 6: The Friends of God
Chapter 7: What Hinders True Intimacy?
Chapter 8: True Worship
Chapter 9: With Whom God Dwells
Chapter 10: Intimacy with the Holy Spirit
Chapter 11: The Promise of the Father
Chapter 12: The Language of Intimacy
Chapter 13: Full Assurance of Faith
Chapter 14: Drawing Near
Appendix A
Appendix B


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