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100 Best Bible Stories (Scandinavia) 9788772031064 NETT


Product Description:

An essential collection of Bible stories found in 100 Bible Stories, retold and beautifully illustrated by Gustavo Mazali, a well-renowned international illustrator. His illustrated Bibles have been sold in the millions around the world. For this title we have two different proposals for cover designs.

Some of the stories herein include; Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath and Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Each story is faithful to the Bible text, full of warmth and joy.

-Concept and length is suited for a fast overview of the Bible and it’s most well-known stories.
-Well-known Bible stories that contain great life lessons and Bible references
-Artwork by bestselling illustrator Gustavo Mazali
-100 essential stories give an easy and cost-effective introduction to the Bible

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Product Introduction
Text by: L. M. Alex
Illustrated by: Gustavo Mazali

Publisher: Scandinavia
Date: 2023
Others:  Hardcover
Page: 153

Size: 18.7 cm x 16 cm
Weight: 420 g




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