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  • Preparing Your Daughter for Womanhood: A Guide for Moms (Robin Jones Gunn) 9781942704423 nett (Kallos)

    Product Description:

    All the signs are there, aren’t they? You want to prepare your preteen for the changes that are happening in her body, but how?

    In this special book just for moms, Robin shares heart-level mentoring that will help you and your daughter grow closer rather than becoming polarized as she approaches adolescence.

    You’re not having “the talk”. You’re starting the conversation.

    With stories from other moms and daughters tucked into each chapter, you’ll find a wealth of ideas to boost your confidence as you create a pathway into this next season and watch your young girl blossom into the woman God created her to be.

    In a world that is changing by the second, Gunn knows that these important conversations between mothers and daughters can have lasting value. Filled with Robin’s stories, and stories from other moms and daughters, each chapter is packed with ideas, inspiration and knowledge to create a beautiful pathway into life’s next chapter.

    Perfect for moms who know they need to have “the talk”, but just don’t know what to say, Preparing Your Daughter for Womanhood, will help make the path more intentional and very special. It’s time, dear moms. Every preteen girl needs to know she has a woman in her life who cares enough to come alongside and provide not only information before her body changes, but also a sense of honor and celebration. Your role as the gentle truth-teller in her life is immeasurably valuable whether you are her mom, step-mom, grandma, aunt, sister, mentor or even her dad. YOU can become the one she will look to as she grows into the beautiful, young woman she is meant to be.

    For mothers of 8 to 12 year old girls