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  • Rushing Wind: The Bario Revival – A Malaysian Story (Lilian Bulan-Dorai, Solomon Bulan) 9786299870715 (WMS)

    Product Description:
    Lillian Bulan-Dorai and Solomon Bulan, among the firsthand witnesses of Malaysia’s 1973 Revival in Sarawak’s remote highland settlement of Bario, revisit in this book, Bario’s God-encounter, first documented in their 2004 account, The Bario Revival. You will find inspiring insights into their thoughts and experiences as the rushing wind of Revival blew across the Kelabit Highlands, nurturing and shaping their own faith walk.

    This is the book to read now, 50 years on, and at a crucial time in the history of the Malaysian church, as the nation struggles to forge a national identity. You will discover that revival begins with prayer, and revival begins with the individual. Want a God-change in your life? Read this book.