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  • Revolution Of Character: Discovering Christ’s Pattern For Spiritual Transformation (Dallas Willard with Don Simpson) 9789670341590 (PVM)

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    Heart, mind, body, social life, and soul. God is ready to transform every aspect of your life.
    Perhaps your spiritual life is not all you want it to be. Your sporadic successes, plateaus, and dry spells only lead to more frustration. Dallas Willard believes the main reason we fail in our spiritual life is that we don’t examine carefully the roles played by all five elements of our person: heart, mind, body, social life, and soul. Real change comes when we give each element thoughtful and prayerful exposure to God’s transforming work. Revolution of Character enables you to dwell reflectively on each of the five elements, understand its role, train it in new patterns, and seek God’s transforming power. This holistic approach will produce new ways of responding to life and will result in profoundly changed character.


  • Union With Christ (Rankin Wilbourne) 9789670341583 (PVM)

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    Winner of the 2017 Christian Book Award for New Author
    Named one of the top books of 2016 by John Piper’s Desiring God ministry

    To experience why the gospel is good news and answer life’s most foundational questions about identity, destiny, and purpose, we must understand what it means to be united to Christ.

    If you are a Christian, the Bible says that Christ has united his life to yours, that you are now in Christ and Christ is in you. This almost unfathomable truth is the central theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Yet few Christians today experience or enjoy this reality. Union with Christ reveals the transformational power of this ancient doctrine while addressing the basic questions of the human heart:

    • Who Am I?
    • Why Am I Here?
    • Where Am I Headed?
    • How Will I Get There?

      Nothing is more practical for living the Christian life than union with Christ. The recovery of this reality provides the anchor and engine for your life with God—for your destiny is not only to see Christ, but to actually become like him.