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  • Revival in Ba’kelalan (Michelle Chan & Hwa Yung) 9789671932568 (Canaanland)

    Product Description:
    The story of how the message of Christ delivered the Lun Bawangs in Sarawak from becoming extinct as a people back in the 1930s was first told in Shirley Lee’s book Drunk Before Dawn (1979). God has continued to work His gracious and wonderful purposes among them through various revivals, culminating in the fourth, which was reported in the New Straits Times in December 1985. Today the Lun Bawangs are one of the strongest components of the Borneo Evangelical Mission church in Sarawak. But, for some inexplicable reason, the full story of the revivals has never been adequately told despite numerous attempts made.

    In November 2023, the churches in Ba’kelalan will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1973 revival. It began with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the churches there on the evening of 10 November. That was the second night of the visit of a team from Bario, where revival had broken out some weeks earlier. This book tells the story of what happened in 1973-74 and again in 1984-86, during which times God manifested His awesome power and glory to His people. And it leaves us with the question of what God may be saying through all these wonderful things to the church in Malaysia. The Ba’kelalan story invites us to discern His purposes together.

    From the Foreword by President Bina Agong, BEM/SIB Sarawak:
    “I experienced the 1973-74 revival when I was six years old. During the 1984-86 revival, I was already in my late teens and had the wonderful privilege of being personally involved and an eyewitness of some of the miraculous occurrence. All of this impacted me deeply and resulted in me offering myself to God as a full-time minister. As a first-hand witness, I am able to testify that what Michelle Chan and Hwa Yung have written are valid and accurate. This book will go a long way to strengthen the faith of readers who know God and are seeking to grow deeper in their faith and understanding of God’s awesome power and glory.”