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  • More Calvinistic Than Calvin? : Hardline Reformed Theology & the Malaysian Church (Hwa Yung, Lee Soo Tian, Lee Tat Yan & Lim Kar Yong) 9789670536897 – 2nd Printing

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    Reformed theology has a long and distinguished heritage in history. Its roots are traceable back to John Calvin of the 16th century Protestant Reformation. At its best, it has shaped a solid church tradition, built great universities like Geneva, Harvard, Yale and Yonsei, and produced famous theologians like Jonathan Edwards and J. I. Packer, and outstanding preachers like Charles Simeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones.
    But just as tulips, the symbol of Reformed theology, come in a variety of colors, there is also great multiplicity within the Reformed tradition. Regretfully, some varieties have been marked by exclusivity and divisiveness. Recently, it appears that some with such views in the Malaysian church have caused serious divisions in some circles and much distress to those affected.
    These exponents of hardline Reformed theology insist that their position is more firmly rooted in the Bible than all other traditions, and that they possess the most or only adequate understanding of the gospel. What this book seeks to show is that this claim is not supported by plain scriptural teachings, and that aspects of hardline Reformed theology owe more to alien philosophical arguments than the Bible itself. This is the key issue. Furthermore, the exclusive and divisive manner in which these hardline views are being promoted sadly demonstrates a lack of respect for Christians of other traditions.
    This book calls on all Christians to find our faith on the solid rock of Scriptures and not false philosophies, to walk with humility and respect for each other’s traditions so long as we agree on the fundamentals, and to build a holy and united church together as we face the immense challenges before us. Soli DEO Gloria!


  • 比加尔文更加尔文主义?强硬改革宗神学与马来西亚教会 (华勇、李赐典、李达恩、林家扬) 9789670536903 Calvinistic Then Calvin 简体


    改革宗教学在历史上有着悠久且卓越的传统。其根源可追溯到16世纪的新教改革者约翰.加尔文 (John Calvin)。在鼎盛时期,他塑造了坚实的教会传统,建立了像日内瓦、哈佛、耶鲁和延世 (Yonsei) 等伟大的大学,并培养了爱德华兹 (Jonathan Edwards) 和巴刻 (J. I. Packer) 这样著名的神学家,以及卓越的传道人,如查尔斯.西缅 (Charles Simeon) 和钟马田 (Martyn Lloyd – Jones)。

    然而,同改革宗教学的象征:郁金香 (Tulips) 一样,色彩各异,改革宗传统内也存在着多元性。遗憾的是,一些传统已被标志为排外和分裂的类型。最近,马来西亚的一些教会中,持有这观点的人在部分圈子里引起了严重的分裂,给受影响的人带来了很大的困扰。