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  • Job Made Simple: The Old Testament Made Simple (Dr Anthony Loke) 9785788 Revised Edition (Pustaka Sufes)

    Product Description:
    There is a general poverty of reflection today on the nature and experience of evil and suffering. The book of Job is an important biblical text that Christians must grapple with in this regard. It asks and leaves many difficult questions – the answers to which we see in the presence of the suffering God who came to us as Jesus Christ. Rev Anthony Loke has provided a much-needed book to help Christians dig deeper into the mystery. He brings his exegetical skills and pastoral perspective to give some firm handles to understand Job, and to deepen our perspective on human suffering. It is heartening to hear an able and articulate Asian voice in biblical interpretation and pastoral application commend Rev Loke’s book which makes Job much more accessible to pastors and church members.
    Bishop Dr Robert Solomon
    Methodist Church in Singapore

    Our friend, Anthony, has once again produced a challenging book despite his heavy teaching schedule in Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, Since his last publication Proverbs Made Simple in 2003, I have been looking forward to another down-to-earth sequel in the Old Testament Wisdom literature. How is theology (the YHWH we believe in) related to the question of suffering in our social-anthropological context? I am sure you will both enjoy reading this fascinating study and being moved by it.
    Rev Dr Ezra Kok Hon Seng
    Principal and Lecturer in New Testament,
    Semilari Theoloji Malaysia