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  • Elijah Made Simple: The Old Testament Made Simple (Dr Anthony Loke) 9789832762010 (Pustaka Sufes)

    Product Description:
    Elijah is a biblical figure who often suffers the fate of being trapped in the image of a two-dimensional super-hero. He is the incredible prophet who challenged kings and gods. He was uniquely taken up to heaven in a spectacular display of heavenly glory. His name keeps cropping up in different parts of Scripture, including the book of revelation. But for many, he may just remain as a hero from am distant past – an interesting exhibit in the museum of larger-then-life personalities. This book helps to restore the true character of Elijah, warts and all, and presents him more as a three-dimensional man – flesh and blood, outstanding faith as well as surprising doubt, courage as well as fears. He could taunt the false prophets in one brilliant moment and yet fall into deep depression at the next turn.

    Rev Dr Anthony Loke uses his skills as a biblical scholar and preacher to show that Elijah was a man just like us. By observing him and reflecting on his life, we can draw both inspiration to climb spiritual mountains as well as draw comfort that spiritual giants are often men with feet of clay – just like most of us. Dr Loke helps the reader to pay close attention to biblical texts and to make serious personal application of lessons carefully gleaned from the text. He also makes use of opportunities to introduce various theological issues, such as suffering and God’s sovereignty, which the reader may find useful. The careful reader will not only find illuminating biblical exposition but also relevant and thoughtful application of biblical truth in daily life.

    I am happy to highly recommend this book; it is the latest in a series of “made simple” books by Dr Loke that helpfully bring Old Testament texts to light so that pastors and church members can gain insights and discover the use of the Old Testament for personal spiritual growth as well as corporate study and ministry.
    Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon
    The Methodist Church of Singapore