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  • BEWARE OF THE ECUMENICAL AGENDA!: A Response To ‘More Calvinistic Than Calvin?’ (Boon-Sing Poh) 9789839180657 nett (Good News Enterprise)

    Product Description:
    The present book is a response to a recently published book, entitled ‘More Calvinistic Than Calvin? Hardline Reformed Theology And The Malaysian Church’. The present book may be understood without prior reading of the latter book.
    Apart from countering the misrepresentation of the Reformed faith in the said book, the warning is sounded forth against the ecumenical agenda of the Neo-evangelicals. The ecumenical movement has not abated but has gained momentum instead. It is promoted by the Neo-evangelicals whose influence has become all-pervasive.
    Who are the Neo-evangelicals? What is the ecumenical agenda that they are promoting? Why should all evangelical Christians be concerned? How should Christian unity be expressed? These are questions we seek to answer in the present book.
    From this perspective, the present book is of relevance to Christians everywhere, although its genesis is in little Malaysia.
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  • More Calvinistic Than Calvin? : Hardline Reformed Theology & the Malaysian Church (Hwa Yung, Lee Soo Tian, Lee Tat Yan & Lim Kar Yong) 9789670536897 – 2nd Printing

    Product Description:
    Reformed theology has a long and distinguished heritage in history. Its roots are traceable back to John Calvin of the 16th century Protestant Reformation. At its best, it has shaped a solid church tradition, built great universities like Geneva, Harvard, Yale and Yonsei, and produced famous theologians like Jonathan Edwards and J. I. Packer, and outstanding preachers like Charles Simeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones.
    But just as tulips, the symbol of Reformed theology, come in a variety of colors, there is also great multiplicity within the Reformed tradition. Regretfully, some varieties have been marked by exclusivity and divisiveness. Recently, it appears that some with such views in the Malaysian church have caused serious divisions in some circles and much distress to those affected.
    These exponents of hardline Reformed theology insist that their position is more firmly rooted in the Bible than all other traditions, and that they possess the most or only adequate understanding of the gospel. What this book seeks to show is that this claim is not supported by plain scriptural teachings, and that aspects of hardline Reformed theology owe more to alien philosophical arguments than the Bible itself. This is the key issue. Furthermore, the exclusive and divisive manner in which these hardline views are being promoted sadly demonstrates a lack of respect for Christians of other traditions.
    This book calls on all Christians to find our faith on the solid rock of Scriptures and not false philosophies, to walk with humility and respect for each other’s traditions so long as we agree on the fundamentals, and to build a holy and united church together as we face the immense challenges before us. Soli DEO Gloria!