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  • BEWARE OF THE ECUMENICAL AGENDA!: A Response To ‘More Calvinistic Than Calvin?’ (Boon-Sing Poh) 9789839180657 (Good News Enterprise)

    Product Description:
    The present book is a response to a recently published book, entitled ‘More Calvinistic Than Calvin? Hardline Reformed Theology And The Malaysian Church’. The present book may be understood without prior reading of the latter book.
    Apart from countering the misrepresentation of the Reformed faith in the said book, the warning is sounded forth against the ecumenical agenda of the Neo-evangelicals. The ecumenical movement has not abated but has gained momentum instead. It is promoted by the Neo-evangelicals whose influence has become all-pervasive.
    Who are the Neo-evangelicals? What is the ecumenical agenda that they are promoting? Why should all evangelical Christians be concerned? How should Christian unity be expressed? These are questions we seek to answer in the present book.
    From this perspective, the present book is of relevance to Christians everywhere, although its genesis is in little Malaysia.


  • The Christian In The Chinese Culture (Boon-Sing Poh) 9789839180404 (Good News Enterprise)

    Product Description:
    Many are the Christians who have been converted from a background of the Chinese Religion. Being first-generation Christians, they face many problems from their unconverted families. Help from Christian quarters concerning how to live the Christian life within the Chinese culture is hard to come by. It is hoped that this book will be of help to them. The Christian who is from a different religious background in which idol worship is practised may find this book helpful, too.
    The Author

    There are millions of Chinese overseas people whose culture is mixed Western and Eastern. Their languages are English and Chinese, with other languages spoken where they live. Chinese Christians themselves speak of the ‘Diaspora’, from the Greek word used of scattered Jews in Acts 8:1, James 1:1, and 1 Peter 1:1. Chinese people are scattered everywhere. This modest book deals keenly with the Chinese culture and religion as it is challenged by Christianity. The author’s apologetic explanations are well suited to the traditionalist Confucian or Buddhist Chinese who are exposed to modern unbelief from Western sources.