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  • Handle with Prayer: Unwrap the Source of God’s Strength for Living (Charles Stanley) 9789670341019 (pvm)

    Product Description:

    The Best-Selling Guide To The Power And Practice Of Prayer

    Prayer is essential to the life of every believer. It connects us with our heavenly Father and opens the door for Him to move in our lives, to impact our circumstances, and to help us make wise choices.

    Yet few of us would claim to enjoy a satisfying prayer life. So how can we begin to cultivate a prayer life that truly makes a difference?

    Handle with Prayer is a definitive guide for making prayer a part of your everyday life. Popular author and teacher Dr. Charles Stanley reveals that prayer is the ultimate resource for every believer. Inside, he shares:

    ~ How we can pray with authority
    ~ How we can receive answers to prayer
    ~ Why prayers can seems to go unanswered
    ~ How to pray in God’s will
    ~ How we can pray for others

    Uncover God’s solution for whatever you may face, and discover how life is best handled with prayer.

    Thirteen-Session Leader’s Guide Included:

    Session Goals – know the focus of each session, and learn how prayer is tied into each message.

    Preparation – specific and helpful tips to organize your group’s study time.

    Discussion – key talking points to help guide your group’s discussion.

    Activities – reading, skits, prayer, and individual reflection questions to keep your group thinking about the power of prayer between sessions.


  • My Journey With God Journal (Eng Leng) WEL001

    Product Description:
    Journaling is a process whereby we write down the important things. We can loose things which are important  as sometimes we forget some of the things.  That’s why journaling is important part of our walk and also our walk with God.  After journaling for many years, I have come up with a more systematic method of journaling. ‘My walk with God’ journal is divided into topicals journaling as well as divided into sub topics to pen our thoughts effectively.

    • My Journal
    • My Prayer Journal: Prayer Item. Actions, Revelation/Answer
    • My Gratitude Journal
    • My Dreams : Dream, Interpretations, Actions, Notes
    • Declarations
    • Prophecies : Prophecy, Action to be taken
    • Testimonies
    • Battles/ Challenges: Battle/ challenge, strategies, prayers, Declaration/Bible verse
    • Tithes/ Seed money / offerings
    • Things to do
    • My achievements

    Each section precedes with the relevant Bible verses.

    This will help you journal more effectively as well as easier for you to look back to refer to them later. It helps us remember what God has done, what God has revealed that will get and forgotten over time unless we write them down.  Mordecai was promoted as the king recorded his good deeds and referred to it later over time.

  • Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home (Richard Foster) 9789670341194 (PVM)

    Product Description:
    “Prayer is a love relationship with God.”
    No one who reads Prayer will remail unmoved. Even in the most difficult times, when we feel the “agony of prayerlessness”, this book will provide encouragement and the possibility of a profound experience of prayer will come within our reach.
    Richard Foster explores the many facets of prayer, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, describing it as an inward journey of change and an upward journey to intimacy with God. He draws on the riches of the great classics of prayer throughout history as well as his own personal experience, and roots his teaching in Scripture.

  • The Lord’s Prayer: Learning From Jesus On What, Why, And How To Pray (Kevin Deyoung) 9781433559716 (PVM)

    Product Description:

    Christians know the importance of prayer, but the act of praying can be a real challenge. Some have the desire, but not always the will; others worry they don’t do it well. Books about prayer usually emphasize spiritual discipline, but that can foster more guilt than reassurance. So how can Christians improve their prayer life, embracing the privilege of communicating with God?

    In The Lord’s Prayer, Kevin DeYoung closely examines Christ’s model for prayer, giving readers a deeper understanding of its content and meaning, and how it works in the lives of God’s people. Walking through the Lord’s Prayer word by word, DeYoung helps believers gain the conviction to develop a stronger prayer life and a sense of freedom to do so.


    • Concise, Inspiring Guide to Prayer: Examines Luke 11:1–2 and Matthew 6:5–9, gives biblical and historical context to each part of the Lord’s Prayer, and ends with a doxology
    • Accessible Resource for Many Readers: A great guide for laypeople and students as well as for pastors, church leaders, and ministry leaders
    • Versatile Resource: A useful reference for seminary review or personal devotional reading📘 The’s Lord Prayer (Preview) click here