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  • My Journey With God Journal (Eng Leng) WEL001

    Product Description:
    Journaling is a process whereby we write down the important things. We can loose things which are important  as sometimes we forget some of the things.  That’s why journaling is important part of our walk and also our walk with God.  After journaling for many years, I have come up with a more systematic method of journaling. ‘My walk with God’ journal is divided into topicals journaling as well as divided into sub topics to pen our thoughts effectively.

    • My Journal
    • My Prayer Journal: Prayer Item. Actions, Revelation/Answer
    • My Gratitude Journal
    • My Dreams : Dream, Interpretations, Actions, Notes
    • Declarations
    • Prophecies : Prophecy, Action to be taken
    • Testimonies
    • Battles/ Challenges: Battle/ challenge, strategies, prayers, Declaration/Bible verse
    • Tithes/ Seed money / offerings
    • Things to do
    • My achievements

    Each section precedes with the relevant Bible verses.

    This will help you journal more effectively as well as easier for you to look back to refer to them later. It helps us remember what God has done, what God has revealed that will get and forgotten over time unless we write them down.  Mordecai was promoted as the king recorded his good deeds and referred to it later over time.